Relationships between Movies and DVD extras

I’ve been looking at the extras provided on DVDs for a while. They are good examples of how a storyworld is elaborated in another text. A couple I’d like to mention, for their unique and intriguing elaborations are:

Punch Drunk Love, directed by Paul Thomas Anderson, 2002

The Incredibles, directed by Brad Bird, 2004

In the later, Incredibles, the film has a scene in which the mother rings up to find out how the babysitter is going with her baby son. The mother hears lots of messages and screaming on the phone but does not know what happens. In the DVD extras is a short animated film: Jack-Jack Attacks. The short film is the POV of the babysitter. Besides being hilarious, it is an excellent example of how the narrative landscape burst over the edges of a single-text.

The former, Punch Drunk Love, experiments with a narrative elaboration too, but in a slightly different manner. The DVD provides an extra that is a short film. At first it seems like the short film is an edited down version of the film; but then it becomes clear that they are scenes from the film that are shot from slightly different angles. This is another POV, literally.

Two interesting examples of narrative elaboration across texts. Let me know of any you think of.

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