On Thinking and Doing

It has been awhile between posts so I thought I’d update you with what I’ve been up to. I had the extreme luck to be able to attend and introduce speakers at the 12th International Thinking Conference. I spent a few days listening to Edward de Bono, Paul Davies, David Perkins, Guy Claxton, Art Costa and many other extraordinary thinkers. My head is brimming with ideas for all aspects of my life, some of which are:

I’m teaching 2 subjects this semester. One is a subject I’ve taken over and redesigned. It is [New] Media [Arts] Theory at School of Design, Swinburne TAFE. I’ll be linking to the subject website from here soon. They’ll be lots of interesting papers and works I think readers of this blog will enjoy. I’m also teaching [New] Media Criticism at the School of Creative Arts, University of Melbourne. I’ll be teaching hypertext, narrative and botfiction for this one too. With both courses I’ve been asked to teach cross-media storytelling, which I will be doing with delight. I’ve also been invited to teach cross-media storytelling at Kingston University n London next year — which I look forward to doing!!

Ezra Silman is the emerging filmmaker I’m priviledged to be mentoring as part of the High Achieving Secondary School Student Mentorship scheme at the University of Melbourne. We’re investigating narrative techniques to promote suspense. An amazing discovery is…

I’ve also been invited to be a guest speaker at the Deakin Unversity Guest Speaker Series. They want me to come in and discuss my creative work and research! Wohoo! I’ll be doing that early next year — when I’ve got more time and have a ‘completed’ work to show. The short-story (which is a cross-media work) will, incidently, be read out by me at the Talk Fiction Colloquium as part the Melbourne Writer’s Festival next month.

I’m also a research assistant on 2 grant-funded projects at the University of Melbourne. One is researching immersion and light and the other is investigating the use of augmented-reality in education. Yummy stuff!

I’ve also been commissioned, by RealTime, to write a long article on new media artists conducting postgraduate study. The article should be out next month, issue #68.

I’ve also been asked to conduct a cross-media analysis of a work — which is very exciting and interesting. But, because it is for a commercial company I cannot post about it! There is another job I’m doing too, which I won’t tell about…not because it is top secret, but because it is not as interesting. I’m training academics on using the newly implemented Learning Management System (subject websites, forums, online learning etc). This strenghens my training skills but more interestingly for me, helps me develop my theories on how cross-media storytelling principles can assist academics in designing the delivery of their course.

I’ll be posting about some more cross-media and narrative researchers soon, as well as providing a sketch of cross-media design principles. I’m getting a bit sick of holding my ideas back in the name of keeping them for my ‘precious’ PhD. I think it is time to share the ideas, so they get out there, help others, get feedback, and then get even better. This move was helped by my contemplation over Kathy Hansen’s post on her new blog: A Storied Career.

But anyway, I think that is it for now. I’ll end with a quote from Edward de Bono (one of the thinkers I’ll be posting about soon too, here and at WRT). The quote has helped me to clarify why I want to provide a model for the analysis AND design of cross-media works:

You can analyse the past but you have to design the future.

See you somewhere inbetween. 🙂

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