Cross-media Art

A prestigious Art prize in Australia, the Archibald Prize, is having its conventional feathers rustled by a cross-media artist: Johansen, who has his domain name as his signature in the competition, has created a ‘triptych’…in four parts. To add to the hypertextual reworking on his name is the name of the entry: The first three parts of the work are in the gallery space — ‘a self-portrait in acrylic, a portrait of the portrait hanging on a wall, and a digital image of the painting’ (source). The fourth part is online. The site shows other pics of the self-portraits, the making of the portraits, unused images, description of the project and so on. Just like all the other works I’ve mentioned over the last couple of years on this blog the work is cross-media and exhibits the following traits: public production, alternate and possible paths, elaboration, interaction, self-reflexive and so on.

Great to see. This gives me inspiration to send my stuff out to places that I presume wouldn’t take it. Perhaps cross-media works are such a novelty they could be accepted.

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