Filmmaker turns to Webisodes

Daniel Myrick, the co-creator of the Blair Witch Project, has a webisode online called ‘The Strand’. It is a live-action fiction series delivered on the web that is a mix of real people and actors. The story is set in Venice Beach and is about the ‘freaks, geeks and muscle beach’.

Like Jupiter Green it has a collection of actors that reflect appealing characters for different viewers and a forum for fans to discuss the work (and beyond with The Strand). Once again their is a claim of being a ‘first’:

The Strand is the first live-action, independently produced; narrative episodic intended specifically for the web, hence the term “webisodic.” 

It seems a really well-made series judging by the well-designed web imagery and evocative music. The first episode is out on March 15th and is free. The rest are on a fee-per-view basis and managed by BitPass technology.

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