The Caught-with-the-Hair-in-Curlers Aesthetic

Kylie Robertson, the creator behind Jupiter Green, an “interactive drama” that I have posted and written about (refereed paper coming out soon) is in pre-production on a “mobile interactive drama series”:

Glued to your mobile phone? SMS crazy? Got no time for TV but love a good drama? Girl Friday (GF) is here and it’s sure to be as addictive as your phone and that soapie that you can’t miss.

GF beams straight to your mobile. No wires, no cords, no lengthy downloads. It’s entertainment on the run – small digestible bites of life for viewers to consume at will. For the content hungry, there’s a website too. Whether you can take the chunky stuff on a broadband connection or the low fat version on your 56K modem, you won’t miss out on the daily sagas of Girl Friday.

GF will be Australia’s and possibly the world’s first mobile cam girl. She is a live action character who on the surface appears ‘real’ but in fact is a fictional part of the GF interactive world. Her story reflects the way devices (such as your mobile) are changing the way we communicate in everyday life. As GF tries to deal with the sagas of career, love and family we journey with her as a friend and confidant.

GF is a sophisticated interactive drama with a comic edge; taking its lead from outstanding programs such as Sex In The City and Ally McBeal. The program will delve into some of life’s sticker questions with insight and humour, and aim to satisfy the content hungry 16-30 year old market.

What is interesting is that the production process is ‘public’ in that updates on the production process are being posted on a blog. This is a trait of storytelling in the new media ecology: pre-production publication. It works as a device to pull audience in and keep them there — ‘stickiness’ — and nurtures audience anticipation. I think that access to the production process is a literary device akin to suspense; it also asks the audience to start assisting in the construction of an imaginary world; and brings the creation of content into a game format…

Take a look at the Girl Friday blog and tell me what you think.

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