Can U C iTV, itvt and IPTV?

The 3rd ceremony (I didn’t know there was 1) for the International iTV Awards is happening in Cannes on April 13, 2005. ‘The Awards competition has grown to incorporate all new formats of global television interactivity, through remote control, fixed and mobile phone.’ I hope they have snippets of the works on the site after the ceremony. But definately check out their links page for some excellent interactive television resources.

While on April 5 the 2nd annual [itvt] Awards for Leadership in Interactive Television will take place in San Francisco. The site has an excellent gallery of details and pics and the chance to nominate leaders. The site is also home to whitepapers, a helpful glossary and a pretty good list of books.

Even sooner is the IPTV Forum held in London on March 8th and 9th. IPTV is pitched as:

Telecom companies are increasingly exploring ways to earn revenue and IPTV can be seen as a new way of doing this. Internet Protocol is more and more used to deliver not only voice (telephone), and data (internet) but video as well, this forms the ‘Triple Play’ which has the increasing benefits of customer retention, loyalty, and ultimately reduced churn.

On the exhibiton page are links to some interesting content creators.

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