A Newsletter for all the cross-media researchers out there!

Yep, that is right, there is actually a newsletter with yummy tidbits of papers, conferences, articles and so on. The newsletter is dedicated to ‘convergence’ — which is known traditionally as an environmental factor affecting cross-media storytelling. However, convergence is described in a manner that is close to our hearts:

At its most basic—and most useful—definition, convergence means integration; it is about news organizations working together to create a story across multiple platforms. News organizations participating in true convergence find a way to integrate print, broadcast and online components to tell a story. The purpose of convergence is to think about which medium or media work best and then create the story. Convergence puts the story before the media platform. A truly converged newsroom will be producing stories for at least three media platforms—this is the test of a convergence operation.

The Convergence Newsletter is published by the Center for Mass Communications Research at the University of South Carolina and is directed to journalists and media managers but is inclusive of all fellow convergence/cross-media storytelling researchers.

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