Non-Narrative Narratology?

The 5th Symposium on Art and Multimedia Metanarrative is being held on the 28th and 29th of Jan (did anyone else know about this?!) and seems to be an interesting theme:

Fruit of having entered into complex formal systems, one could speak of the formulations made following the narrative/non-narrative duality of the meatnarrative (applying the prefix meta- in the sense of ‘after’, in the way that it has alsways been understood that metaphysics comes after physics). These new creations challenge established narrative models while at the same time raising the question as to which model(s) of (meta)narrativeness we are converging on, whether we can decide on this/these model(s) and to what extent we can continue maintaining borders between narration and other forms of contemporary creation.
The 5th Symposium…will use this referential framework to encourage and broaden reflection and offer an(other) showcase for the creative circulation of narratives or (meta)narratives. Three blocks have been established by way of thematic lines:

* “Desire versus destiny (how expectations of participation in the metanarative context are broadened).”
* “The rules of the game (how narratives and games are mutally influential in the generation of metanarrative experiences).”
* “The narrative continuum (how metanarratives become heirs to the artistic research of the last century).”

The starting point is the line of argumentation that if thereÂ’s a narrative, there can be an antinarrative, a non-narrative, a metanarrative…that there is and there has always been an antinarrative, etc; and all them are as old as narrative itself. Therefore I am for the assumption that there are continuous non narrative practices in the artistic creation area, from which weÂ’ve inherited a great number of incursions into the audiovisual and multimedia expression and communication. (from blog)

In the artistic practice, current narratives are at a crossroads, as you put before, of difficult classification, and this precisely the most interesting challenge. (from blog).

It is interesting the uptake of the idea of convergence of narrative schemas — Jenkins’ ‘cultural convergence’ perhaps? I also like the idea of non-narratives existing alongside narratives. It is also good that they are addressing participation, the influence of medium-specific narratives on each other, and generally the confluence of narrative. Tick, tick, tick. Pity there aren’t any cross-media researchers (that I can see) there flying the flag. Many of the ideas, however, are there. Here are the links to the English website and the accompanying
Blog. I look forward to reading the papers for this one.

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