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New Media Arts Design Tiddly

Announcing my first TiddlyWiki. It is a single webpage that just keeps going. You'll see. It houses alot of info, like a wiki, but it not editable by anyone else except me. (Though the interface leads you to believe you can, I'll have to tweak that element.) Otherwise, the page is a handy collection of…


Just a quick admin update. I was offline twice over the past month because I switched website hosts, twice. Another story. I have also upgraded to Word Press 2.0 but for some reason my categories are not showing. I'll figure them out sometime soon. That is all, just explaining the faulty plumbing.

URL being held ransom

I have had the unluckiest thing happen. My domain expired without me being notified. It was subsequently taken by a company who now want at least $200USD for it. I cannot believe this has happened, especially with Max's book just out and my domain name for CMS all through it! I only just changed…
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