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The “New” Psychology of Persuasion

I've just watched (online) the PBS documentary on the 'new and surprising methods' advertisers are using: The Persuaders (thanks to Douglas Rushkoff). It seems the ultimate persuasion is to persuade a person to persuade themselves. It is a technique that many companies are employing, like the 'search operas' mentioned in a previous post, where the…

Choose Your Own Ending

There is a new 'mobile soap opera game' (brace yourself there's heaps more coming your way, including a 'mobisode' version of '24') called 'TxtMsC'. It involves a series delivered on TV, mobile phone, with matchmaking service, the chance to win prizes and is marketed on radio and TV. The creator, Charlie Salem, claims it is…

IST paper here

Here is a pdf of the paper I've contributed to Monique de Haas' Cross Media Networking Session at IST titled: 'Current State of Cross Media Storytelling: Preliminary observations for future design' and the powerpoint is now online too.
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