I’ll be chatting on Tummelvision tomorrow!

I’m really looking forward to chatting about #transmedia on Tummelvision tomorrow.

Tummler is a Yiddish word used to describe the act of catalyzing others to action. Tummelvision is a weekly Internet live podcast hosted by Heather Gold, Deb Schultz & Kevin Marks first on Leo Laporte’s  TWiT Netcast Network and now independently.

Why did it start?

Heather, Deb and Kevin have always lived and worked at the intersection of technology, culture and business  and the art and complexities of social engagement both online and off.  It all came together in 2008 when Kevin responded to Clay Shirky at a Supernova conference. Clay was saying that we didn’t know why communities and conversations form and flourish. Kevin disagreed and so did Deb and Heather. If we live in an age of participatory media and culture, why is it we place so little emphasis on the art of the types of skills required to engage and collaborate in this new online world. Heather & Deb were in the room and had also been equally frustrated with the lack of the right word to describe this skill set as well as the lack of emphasis on these uber-connector types who bring life and humanity to the Web.  None of the existing definitions seemed to work and they were also loaded with preconceived notions that didn’t quite fit: community manger (community is served not managed), evangelist (too religious and too much about advocacy of an agenda or idea),  organizer, host/hostess, geisha – you get the idea.  The best suggestion came from Teresa Nielsen Haden who suggested tummler!

To come along and join the conversation. There is often an active online chat between listeners at the same time as the on air chat, so all is in! Details:

The show livestreams every Thursday at 5pm PST and 8PM EST.  Just hop over to TummelVision LIVE! and you can take part in the chat and listen to the show live.

Here are some other timezones for that time. Come and heckle me at TummelVision.tv!

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