Videos of my Power to the Pixel talks, UC101 posts & another podcast

As I mentioned in my last post, I was lucky to be invited to present at two great events last month: Microsoft Research’s Social Computing Symposium in Seattle, and Power to the Pixel event, which is part of the London Film Festival. The videos of the Microsoft event aren’t up yet, but I will be putting my ppt up with full annotations soon. Power to the Pixel, though, have put up all the videos on the video page at the main site Power to the Pixel, and YouTube. To recap what the event was about:

POWER TO THE PIXEL is a not-for-profit company that provides the independent film community with the latest in depth information and knowledge about new opportunities available in the transforming digital media landscape.

I did the opening talk on the conference day, ran a workshop and participated in the special Think Tank. It was an amazing event in which I got to finally meet many people for the first time, people I have watched, conversed with online, and even worked with remotely. Liz Rosenthal did a fantastic job with the event. The sessions were webcast on the main site and at Screen International. They had over 10,000 people watch the webcasts, which is very cool. There are LOTS of interesting talks there about distribution, branding, crowdsourcing and finance there. But I’ve also embedded here and at UC101, the videos and ppts of my talk and workshop on ‘Films in the Age of Cross-Media Production’ and my workshop on ‘Writing Across Media’ respectively.

Writing Across Media

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I also did a post UC101 about Immersive Entertainment and Marketing PLACES I’d like to visit…

Oh, I have also started a personal podcast. It is where I share my personal thoughts about who I am and life in general. No cross/trans/multi-platform/media-storytelling/entertainment. 🙂