Thinking Blogger Award

Thinking Blogger AwardChris Joseph, Digital Writer in Residence at De Montfort University, has awarded me (and 4 others) the Thinking Blogger Award for being a blog that gets him thinking. Thankyou so much Chris, I feel quite ace.

The Thinking Blogger Award is a blog meme that was started by Ilker Yoldas. Details about his great idea are on his blog, The Thinking Blog. 

Here are 5 Blogs that Make me Think:

  • Brad Beren’s Mediavorous: I have only just discovered Brad’s blog but he discusses a topic that is part of my research (and therefore passion): a cognitive approach to culture, community, marketing, new media.
  • Bryan Alexander’s Infocult: I just love Bryan’s unending and wonderfully well informed and considered posts about information, culture, education and much more.
  • Christopher Penn’s personal blog: Christopher takes such care with his posts, and provides lovely insights and solutions to life. He makes me think about doing life better.
  • Corvus Elrod’s Man Bytes Blog: I don’t always agree with Corvus’ views but I just love the continual discussion about the building blocks of story and game. Yummy!
  • Jak Boumans’s Buziaulane: Jak has been working with content and industry in all forms for a very long time. He is very generous and insightful with his posts.
  • Steven D Levitt’s & Stephen J Dubner’s Freakonomics: After reading their great book, it is so good to have their flawless analysis, quirky views and refreshing nature on tap.
  • Jason Mittell’s Just TV: I love the way Jason generously shares his top-notch research into television.

Oh, and if I got my numbers mixed up. I can’t count. 😉