New Media Arts Design Tiddly

Announcing my first TiddlyWiki. It is a single webpage that just keeps going. You’ll see. It houses alot of info, like a wiki, but it not editable by anyone else except me. (Though the interface leads you to believe you can, I’ll have to tweak that element.) Otherwise, the page is a handy collection of artist essays, articles and papers about the design of particular new media arts types. I have some areas that need beefing up, and am slowly transferring info I have on wikis etc into it. I also have not put info about cross-media design in it. This I may soon. I am actually working on a cross-media database for that. I may also add academic papers in there too. But, I think those of you who teach, or are just interested in experimenting may find the page a good resource. I’ve put a link to it in my Resources section. Enjoy.