September 2004

I’m a Critical Animal

I'm off again but this time to the Newcastle This is Not Art Critical Animals Program. I'm chairing the following session:The Birth of Celluloid Day/Time : Thursday 30/9 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM Location: Newcastle Regional Library Theatrette Through Practical Audio-Visual work and theoretical engagement with screen theories, Stefan Popescu articulates a hybrid audio-visual aesthetic…

Categorising Multi-Channel Works

Do categorisations help? After a post by Adam (see 'Another Transmedia Researcher') and my experiences with many 'networked narrative environments' (Andrea Zapp) at BEAP04, I've been thinking more about how and why multi-channel works can and should be categorised. With the great variety of works that have more than one modality (image, sound, text, object...)…

Reviews Online

Okay, the reviews I'm writing for RealTime are being put online over the next few days. Check them out at: RealTime-BEAP Writing Workshop. Not much time and a real slow dial-in connection so more news next week. Can say that I'm having a ball. Great experience.
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