A small gathering of some of my reworlding thinking and creations.

Unmastering the Story of Change

Preparation article for an online discussion on unlearning the norms of change in our stories and schools, for the School Revolt Festival

Right Relations in Creative Practice & Pedagogy

Preparation reading for a co-run online course ‘The Artist as Teacher’

Expanding Our Sense of the Possible with Narrative Design

Talk on how narrative design can encourage positive alternate presents and futures


Improvisational spy storytelling game designed with right relations

Worldbuilding Our World

Talk at Sweden Games Conference on how our creative projects play a role in shaping our reality

Designing for audience transformation

Interview about the limits of the the transformational arc on The Evolving Media Podcast

Platforms for the Distribution and Experiencing of Digital Works

Video of talk for the Australia Council for the Arts

Robot University

Installation about changing our relationship with robots commissioned for The Cube, Science and Technology Centre, QUT

Forward Slash Story

Co-run interdisciplinary international lab where the emphasis is on nurturing the creatives and their communities

Telematic Studio

Co-run online interdisciplinary studio to faiclitate a co-nurturing parallel development environment