Hello! I’m Christy Dena [pronounced “Deena”] (she/they).

I’m in my late 40s and run my own studio Universe Creation 101, where I create original projects, consult, freelance, and hire collaborators on a by-project-basis. A year ago I moved back to Boon Wurrung country in the Kulin Nation/Melbourne, Australia, where I now live and make art.

I’m an award-winning writer-designer-director of interactive and multi-artform projects, organiser, independent educator, and independent researcher. I like to combine live social experiences with online technology, and traditional forms of screen (film, games) and paper-based objects (tabletop, books). I used to be National Program Coordinator, National Chair, and Department Coordinator of Games; a producer of websites, CD-Roms, digital effects for TVCs; and actor in theatre and TV.

I’m particularly interested in how our creative processes can be radically changed to produce different works, and different ways of being in the world. I see myself as responsible for what I bring into this world. I have always shared my journey into this along the way, with non-fiction writing and education. Now I’m writing a book on Redesigning Narrative Design, developing some new multi-artform projects, consulting on others, and sharing different ways of creating with public talks and labs.



Email christy at this domain.

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