A small gathering of some of my multi-artform thinking and creations.

I am currently drafting a non-fiction book on what multi-artform making feels like from the inside, as well as drafting some online courses for public access.

Transmedia and the Pluriverse

Speech of my presentation in Salvador about seriality and capitalism in transmedia

Transmedia and the Pluriverse

Journal article version of the talk

The Secrets to Creating an Indie Game Franchise

My presentation at GDC about the design of cross-media promises

ExLab Reflection

Article reflecting on the design of an Extended Experiences Lab I designed and ran for films at a film festival

Patterns in Cross-Media Interaction Design

Proceedings article on the various elements to consider in the cosmology of cross-media design

Emerging Participatory Culture Practices

Journal article on the ways in which what players and fans create are the main experience of creative works for most people

Transmedia and Adaptation: Revisiting the No-Adaptation Argument

Chapter on the unsubstantiated argument for no adaptation in cross-media design

A Narrative Designer’s Experience of Amazon’s “The Man in the High Castle” Resistance Radio Campaign

Article reflecting on the design of a branded campaign

Transmedia Victoria

Commissioned international conference and workshops event bringing together film, TV, and games creatives

Should We? Could We? Would We?

Keynote presentation at Power to the Pixel, London Film Festival

The Who, What, When, Where, Why & How of Cross-Media Entertainment

Presentation for DIYDays

Transmedia Practice

PhD on situating the difference in understanding and making multi-artform projects

The Hunt

Branded entertainment ARG for Cisco which I co-designed

Bluebird AR

Global ARG for ABC which I consulted on

Conspiracy for Good

Global branded ARG for Nokia which I consulted on

The Villager Girl and the Teenbot

Chapbook and chatbot story selected at the Melbourne Writers’ Festival

New Writing Universe

A chart of all the cross-media & interactive storytelling terms I found as of 2008