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Here are testimonials for my various events and talks. See my LinkedIn for more testimonials about different positions.

Extended Experiences Lab – Screen Queensland – Brisbane – Oct 2018

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Forward Slash Story – 2015-2018

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Remote Practice Training – SAE – 2018

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Extended Experiences Lab – Screen Queensland & WEFF – Brisbane – May-June 2018

“A great learning opportunity, Christy is an excellent presenter and very knowledgeable. A useful exercise in opening your mind and seeing craft in a different way.”

“The Extended Experiences Lab is an awesome crash course in providing a holistic understanding for the film experience and a great event to facilitate collaboration with indie film makers.”

“The Lab was very useful in terms of framing your ideas in order to write a film for a particular genre and to market it creatively.”

“The Extended Experience Lab is an opportunity for you to not only network with like minded creatives on a personal and professional level, but to be given insight into what an extended experience is and how it can value add to your creative process and product.”

“The Lab presents techniques and examples that can be used to extend any kind of media. It can be used to emphasise specific points or expose more of the in world or behind the scenes information. A lot of information is presented, but it’s well worth the time and money.”

“Film making is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to engaging audiences today. This course helps expand your ideas of what is possible and why it’s worth pursuing.”

“I felt Christy was articulate, clear and presented her workshop well. You will benefit from this course if you are working in multi media and are wanting to create an extended experience of your creative project.”

“Extended Experiences Lab is an enlightening opportunity to learn and think outside the box as a filmmaker. As a screenwriter, I only think about the writing process. Yet, after attending the lab, I will take into account other experiences and possibilities to promote my work and reach a wider audience.”

“It’s difficult to describe the lab other than to say that it has changed my creative practice and perspective going forward. On reflection, it’s hard to pinpoint what was so stand-out for me but I would urge anyone curious about the event to go along and check it out — I doubt you’ll be sorry!”

“The Extended Experience Lab was a way of clarifying the variety of ways we can extend our audience’s experience of a film or art installation. I felt as though I went from a fuzzy understanding to a clear laser like appreciation of all the potential ways I can market and focus my audience and the audiences of other creatives.”

“A workshop that explores how to extend a piece of artwork through other formats as well as extended the experience before and after the event or primary product/ art piece. Extending the work can also be used as an audience building and marketing tool for indies who don’t have big budgets.”

“The workbook is a fantastic resource, the presenter Christy is very knowledgeable, and you’re bound to meet kindred spirits during the course.”

“A well-crafted and excellent experience! Incredibly valuable insights into the process of extending experiences.”

“A great opportunity to expand your thinking around your work and its audiences!”

“Christy Dena’s extended experience lab was a mind opening experience which made me feel less alone in the world knowing that others where not only thinking along the same lines as i was but were even running courses on the subject.”

Game Developers Conference – “The Secrets to Creating an Indie Game Franchise” – San Fran – Feb 2018

“Excellent talk!”

“Great talk! Found it super valuable.”

“As someone who attend almost every GDC since 2005 – it’s hard to continue to find content that is meaningful to me. Christy’s talk was just that, great take aways, great presentation and slide deck.”

“Fantastic content!”

“Even though this is for “Indie Games”, the topics are also relevant to Games Development education as well. This is especially important as more educational programs are encouraging students to consider start-ups and take ownership of their game development projects.”

“Fantastically applicable advice.”

“I’ll be sharing this with my start up team.”

“Totally dug the style and vibe of this speaker.”

“I’m pretty sure I’m working on a webcomic now? I certainly wasn’t expecting that going into this!”

“Great talk on an underdiscussed aspect of fan engagement. Filled to the brim with great examples and well-delivered information, this is a talk I look forward to going back and watching again.”

“This presentation was filled with mind blowing useful information that was clear and easy to understand. Love the art from the slides. Speaker knew what she was talking about. Definitely invite back!”

“Interesting talk presented in a cool way, presented some great ways to think about expanding your game beyond the game.”