IST Crossmedia Session

Monique De Haas is co-ordinating a session on cross media at the European Information Society Technologies (IST) event in The Hague on the 15th of November.

This session will feature presentations from opinion leaders on crossmedia communication followed by a round-table discussion aimed at further defining the subject. The discussion will consider three future scenarioÂ’s based on low, medium and high acceptance and diffusion of the crossmedia communication possibilities mentioned by the speakers. The aim is to produce a paper with an overview of crossmedia communication mechanisms, rules and/or best practices. This will provide a sound base for future crossmedia initiatives, especially ones where small innovative businesses may work with large established companies.

The session, ‘Crossmedia communication in the dynamic knowledge society‘, is a great idea and I will be contributing long-distance.
More about this soon…

X (that’s ‘cross’) Media Lab

The day before the X Media Lab Professional Day Conference ‘Brave New Media World’ my uni held a joint symposium with two of the XML speakers. GARY HAYES, (former Head of BBC’s Internet, Interactive TV and Emerging Platforms) and MARK OLLILA (Telegames) gave talks and then listened to Melb. Uni research. I was asked to present and so of course I did! I’m happy to report that both Gary and Mark were thrilled that I was working on cross media and were very keen to find out more about my research. It’s good to know you’re on the ball.

After that high I attended the conference and discovered some interesting projects that have been produced around the world.

X|Media|Lab (“cross media lab”) is Australia’s most prestigious new media conference and masterclass for creative, business, and technology professionals in the new media industries.

The X|Media|Lab is a unique creative, business, and technology masterclass for people with great ideas for developing commercial new media properties across all new media platforms: broadband and the internet, digital television, computer games, and mobile communications.

It seems everyone is discussing and working to produce cross media (especially in the advertising industry) but many concentrate on the transportability of content over media rather than storytelling. Monique De Haas is doing an excellent job, however, in giving quantifiable reasons for pursuing cross media narrative for the advertising industry.

I was surprised in the lack of understanding of cross media design but this encouraged me. In consequence I’m working on ‘blunt pencil notes’ and will pop them up for discussion soon…

Multi-channel Poetics paper

To help give an overview of the presentations at Critical Animals check out the conference report, Critical Animals Don’t Chew the Fat, I wrote which is published at ANU’s blog: underthesun.

In the comments section of this post I’ve put the paper I delivered at the program. I put my ideas-in-formation into an XYZ coordiante to try and make the concepts accessible. But I realised as I wrote it that I perhaps confused the issue a bit more. Anyway, there are some interesting points, I hope, and I really look forward to your views.

‘Towards a Poetics of Multi-channel Storytelling’ paper [pdf]

I’ve also posted the whole paper in the comments.

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