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Here is a listing of companies and some individuals that create or work on cross-media projects (beyond my own brilliant company Universe Creation 101!). Let me know of any I’ve missed! And check out too, the list of ARG Developers at ARGology (a site I instigated for the IGDA ARG SIG).

Countries listed here include: Australia, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Portugal, The Netherlands, Sweden, United Kingdom, and USA.


Atmosphere Industries (Perth)

“We create dazzling cross media experiences that excite, educate and engage.”

ArtistsAWAKEProductions (Perth)

“We produce playful cross-media-art that engages the audience on multiple levels.  Innovative creative, expert project management and strategic business savvy are our specialties.   Our compelling brand of interactive content entertains, provokes and inspires.  We don’t try to think outside the box because we know there is no box.”

Bulpadok (Melb & NY)

“We love Geocaching so much we blended it with Alternative Reality Gaming.”

Envelop Entertainment (Syd)

“Envelop intends to harness the power of interactive entertainment, but tempered with the maturity and sophistication of linear narrative structures found in heritage entertainment media forms such as TV and feature films. Inviting practitioners from both sides to work together to develop seamless story franchises.”

Evolve Media Consulting (Northern Rivers, NSW)

“Evolve Media Consulting Pty Ltd specialises in cross-platform media production and delivery. The company, which was founded in 1999, publishes print magazines and online content. Evolve Media also provides research, writing and interactive production services.”

Firelight Productions (Syd)

“Firelight specializes in delivering across all-media and can turn any media-platform into an avenue for compelling storytelling and meaningful interactivity. Firelight have a wide range of experience in the development, financing and production of multi-platform projects for film and television and are recognised as innovators in the area of brand partnership finance.”

Full Circle Entertainment (Syd)

“Full Circle is a multi platform media and content business. On air and online we enable brands to reach broad audience or targeted environments with a high degree of connection through integration.”

Hoodlum Entertainment (QLD)

“Hoodlum specialises in creating meaningful online experiences that engage audiences in ‘active storytelling’ – by participating in the experience the story is reveal. Hooldum also specialise in integrating these active storytelling experiences with existing on-air storylines so what audiences discover online is played out on-air and vice versa. As a result, Hoodlum offers compelling reasons to migrate between media platforms.”

Joe Velikovsky (SA)

“Joe Velikovsky is a Producer, Designer and Screenwriter in the fields of New/Digital Media, Game Design, TV and Film. He has been a Professional Writer, Game Designer and Producer for over a decade. The game, film and TV genres he has worked in include drama, sci-fi, horror, and comedy.” — “I’m working a lot on alternate reality games now (film/TV/Internet cross-platform games/narratives) but I’ve also tended to work mainly on AAA (big budget and high production values) console games, with filmic narratives.” [source]


“KCDC creates meaningful experiences for audiences. Across multiple platforms and trhough a variety of real and virtual world tools, KCDC merges narrative content with technology to deliver compelling audience-tailered stories.”

Let’s Talk Pty Ltd (see Forget the Rules) (Melb)

A summary of the impact of Forget the Rules is provided at the Film Victoria cross-platform entry.


“The source of Matchbox energy is distinct and diverse storytelling: its strength is matching great projects with great people. Matchbox is a powerhouse of talent working with some of the most exciting people in Australia. It harnesses the creative experience of award winning writers, directors and producers; but it also thrives on developing the energy and vision of fresh filmmakers hungry to tell their stories.”

Marissa Cooke (Melb)

“Marissa Cooke is a cross-platform strategist, content producer and writer, who has worked extensively in television, digital entertainment and advertising over the past 10 years on a range of pioneering & award-winning projects.  Marissa works with television and digital entertainment production houses as well as leading digital advertising agencies to develop unique, highly-effective cross-platform concepts and content.”

Mememe Productions (NSW)

“Mememe productions philosophy is to produce high quality youth and children’s multimedia. The mission is to produce relevant, cutting edge, musicentric multimedia for the new millennium’s child.”

Michela Ledwidge (Syd)

“Since 1993 Michela Ledwidge has specialised in pulling together creative and technical teams to work on cutting edge projects. Her focus is on developing original cross media properties and assisting clients to define and deliver their content and services. 2009 projects include strategy to heritage film and TV companies, design/production of iPhone games, production of a cross-platform children’s TV series, and creation of the University of Sydney’s post graduate remixable media course.”

Newish Media (QLD)

“Newish Media focuses on projects that exploit unique aspects of digital games and creative social networks to create unique mixed media events and products.”

Portable Content (Melb)

“Portable Content is an Australian-based digital technology company that creates innovative, cross-platform projects for creative communities and individuals around the world.”

The Project Factory (Syd)

“The Project Factory is a cross-platform digital media company.  We produce innovative projects that combine creativity with new business models for the internet age. ”

Studio Ish (Melb)

“Studio Ish is a full service studio that combines the best in production, technology and publishing, with the insight, skills and knowhow to deeply engage with audiences wherever they are. Our team of award winning creative and technical talent is passionate about making quality content for all delivery platforms, including broadcast, online and mobile. ”

Universe Creation 101 (Melb)

Christy Dena’s company that offers consulting at all stages of transmedia design and execution for both large- and small-scale projects.

Zone 4 (QLD)

“We are creating a new form of interactive entertainment by building bridges between digital marketing, entertainment and traditional TV.”

Atmosphere Industries
“We create dazzling cross media experiences that excite, educate and engage.”





Factory Girl Games?

“Factory Girl is a production hub dedicated to the conception and development of games and other playable products and events, though single platform or via cross media solutions.”


Campbell Ryan Entertainment

“CR Entertainment Ltd produces, aggregates and distributes innovative content to be delivered with a true cross-platform approach on TV, Internet, Mobile and traditional media.”



“Mixed Reality Branding. Interactive concepts that immerse the public and drive media value. Interactify your brand in both real life and digital life.”



Savvy Productions
“Savvy can deliver your projects in part or in full, The group has a track record working on multiplatfom projects for organisations across the arts, media, gaming, education and technological worlds to make things happen.”

Wildcard Films
“Wildcard Films is an independent multi-platform production company based in London. Combining the skills of an entrepreneur, a producer, a writer and a director, Wildcard formed in 2009 to make original, fun and distinctive genre-based fiction for an international audience.”


42 Entertainment

“Original Content Production: As an independent producer, we develop ground-breaking, monetized entertainment experiences for our distribution partners. Innovative Marketing Campaigns: As a standalone agency, we drive brand engagement and ROI by immersing consumers in our clients’ brands.”


Aporia Cross-Media Entertainment

“As a grassroots development group, Aporia CME has produced low budget games with little to no corporate financial backing. Though Aporia CME has begun the process of forming itself into a marketing development team, the primary goal is to continue making exciting and intriguing ARGs.”

Area Code

“Area/Code makes cross-media games and entertainment.”

Alternate Reality Events

“At Alternate Reality Events we recognize that experiences create lasting impressions and help define who we are.  A.R.E. creates unique and immersive event environments and interactive experiences for all those looking for moments that are out of this world!”

Awkward Hug

Big Fat Institute

“Our research shows that entertaining content is 72% more engaging than not-entertaining content. We double checked it on Wikipedia, so you know it’s true.”

Big Red Button Entertainment

“Games you can watch. Movies you can play.” “Objective: To create original character based intellectual properties for cross platform and cross media development.”

Big Spaceship

“An innovation-led digital agency, we create and evolve deeply engaging experiences, products and relationships.”

Blacklight Transmedia

“Our objective is to be a leader in transmedia productions. Our business strategy is to focus on genres with the greatest profitability and success rate.

Blind Wink Productions

Bureau of Film and Games (BFG)

At the Bureau of Film & Games (BFG), we create and develop intellectual properties that become franchises across multiple media.”


“We use storytelling and community engagement to build fanbases, sell products, and drive positive consumer sentiment. Our clients are traditional brands and entertainment clients.”

Chair Entertainment

“Chair Entertainment Group is committed to narrowing the gap between the artistic ideal and its commercial manifestation. Chair creates stories that draw upon universal themes to excite, inspire, and fuel the imaginations of generations to come.”

Circle of Confusion

City Mystery

Darklight Interactive

“We create gaming experiences. We create “alternate reality games” that challenge our audience to become a part of
the story. Using the latest in online media services we reach out to a limitless audience and bring them into our world,
allowing them to interact with the story and change the game in real time.”

Deep Focus

Dogtail Media

Double 20

“Double Twenty (D20) specializes in the creation and adaptation of award winning intellectual property, as it relates to games and entertainment. Together, D20 and Matt Wolf create and produce world class games, story narratives, branded entertainment experiences and alternate reality adventures.”

Electric Farm Entertainment

“Electric Farm Entertainment is a digital studio for the development of intellectual properties across multiple platforms.”

Fourth Wall Studios

“The Fourth Wall is the imaginary barrier between the audience and the stage. We create compelling worlds that live on the other side of that wall. These are stories you can visit with your browser, hear on your cell phone, or see out your window.”

Giant Mice

“Brooke Thompson is one of the leading experience designers specializing in alternate reality gaming and urban play.”

GMD Studios

“We’re one of the world’s premiere experimental media laboratories, exploring the frontiers of how networked communities transform the nature of collaboration in the digital age. We believe that shared experiences are the cultural currency of communities, and our award-winning experiments put those theories into practice for our clients, our collaborators and our audience of fans.”

Near Future Laboratory

“The Near Future Laboratory, a design-to-think collaborative studio that combines insight and analysis with design and research with rapid prototyping to create potent provocative sometimes preposterous ideas into material form.”

No Mimes Media

“We create engaging narrative entertainment that’s delivered across multiple media platforms — web, phone, video, audio, even the street where you live. Your life is the canvas.”


“We are a hybrid arts consultancy in San Francisco with an expertise in Situational Design. Our mission is to provoke discovery through visceral experiences and pervasive play.”

Ostrick Productions

“Last September, Marc completed working on HBO’s new series JOHN FROM CINCINNATI (JFC) as the producer/director for show’s New Media deptartment.   Marc was brought onto the show during pre-production by creator David Milch and HBO to collaborate on expanding the JFC universe onto the Internet.   Working closely with Milch and the cast, Marc was able to create original content featured on the TV series (opening credits, footage for character story arcs, etc.) as well as produce groundbreaking interactive websites using season regulars.”

Participant Media

“The company seeks to entertain audiences first, then to invite them to participate in making a difference. To facilitate this, Participant creates specific social action campaigns for each film and documentary designed to give a voice to issues that resonate in the films. Participant teams with social sector organizations, non-profits and corporations who are committed to creating an open forum for discussion, education and who can, with Participant, offer specific ways for audience members to get involved.”

Quixotic Transmedia

“Quixotic Transmedia is a transmedia production company specializing in science-fiction, fantasy, and all-ages (four quadrant) entertainment across all platforms.”

Radar Group

“Radar’s mission is to co-create, co-own, and fully manage IP that has been designed from the ground up for cross-media leveraging.”

Samwell Creative

“We live to create. With a brush, pen, camera or mouse… it doesnʼt matter. Each medium is an extension of who we were created to be – artists, writers, producers, and designers.”

Smith & Tinker

Reinventing play for the connected generation. We see a future in which unconnected products like toys, games, books and movies will not be able to compete with the dynamic and exciting world of the internet.”

Staff of the Magi Productions

Starlight Runner Entertainment

“Starlight Runner Entertainment, Inc., founded by Jeff Gomez and Mark Pensavalle, is a leading creator and producer of highly successful transmedia franchises, maximizing the value of entertainment properties and consumer brands by preparing them for extension across multiple media platforms.”

Studio Cypher

“You entrust us with your idea, a product or message. We help you take it to the people in an immediate, visceral way. That means the Internet, real world interaction, flash games, or the iPhone.”

Stupid Fun Club

“The Stupid Fun Club is an entertainment development studio. The ideas developed here can be manifested in video games, online environments, storytelling media and fine home care products.”

Tej Media Networks

“Creating the future of entertainment, one story at a time.”

Totally Fun Company

Trekk Cross-Media


VQC is a mult-layered internet development agency. We specialize in creating Alternative Promotional Realities (ARGs – Alternate Reality Games), as well as traditional internet marketing entities. “

Zen Films

“Zen Films is an independent production and publishing company. Our films are entertaining, thought-provoking and irreverent.”

Zombie Studios

“Seattle based Zombie Studios is an independent producer of games, comics and feature films.”

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