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The Caught-with-the-Hair-in-Curlers Aesthetic

Kylie Robertson, the creator behind Jupiter Green, an "interactive drama" that I have posted and written about (refereed paper coming out soon) is in pre-production on a "mobile interactive drama series":Glued to your mobile phone? SMS crazy? Got no time for TV but love a good drama? Girl Friday (GF) is here and it's sure…

Poetic Popups

Saw this Error Message Generator on Drew's blog and couldn't help but create some popups that a user/interactor/operator/reader/vuser/viuser/wreader/player etc may come across:Let me know if you come up with any too!

Perspectives Abound: from ‘distributed narrative’ to ‘transmedial worlds’

Lisbeth Klastrup completed her PhD in 2003 but has put it online for 1 month. 'Towards a Poetics of Virtual Worlds: Multi-User Textuality and the Emergence of Story' was completed at the Department for Digital Aesthetics and Communication (DIAC), IT University of Copenhagen. Klastrup began looking at, playing, immersing herself in 'interactive narratives' in 1996…
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