Kzero on Metabrands

Excellent virtual world consultancy Kzero have a site with some interesting content. They are the people behind the Second Life Brand Map:

SL Brand map

They’ve got some interesting case-studies and population demographics of Second Life that seem pretty accurate, though I don’t know how they determined that information. (Most female avatars are actually real life males!) I sent them a query but haven’t heard back from them yet. Anyway, they have started a series of posts about what they call ‘metabrands’.

A Metabrand is a brand that is created to exist solely in a virtual space. It lives only on servers, is powered by electricity, experienced only on a computer screen and serves to provide a service, solution or product to avatars living in a metaverse. A Metabrand satisfies a demand that exists purely on a virtual basis.

Post explaining metabrands:

First metabrand case-study: