Virtual Store, Virtual Money, Real Book, Real Delivery to a Real Person (unfortunately)

Play Money pic from New World NotesJust received the delivery of my first in-world purchase: Julian Dibbell’s book on living off virtual money Play Money. I bought it and the virtual version at the virtual store with virtual money (Lindens) in the virtual world of Second Life. This is a bundled product where for 1 purchase I get the virtual and real version. I’ve argued for this bundling of products before on this blog & at industry talks. Good to see it happening.

Anyway, I received the book today and to my disappointment it was addressed to me. It would of been nice to have it addressed to my in-world name, Lythe Witte, with my real name in brackets so the delivery works. It would of been nice to have something to indicate the special way it was purchased, even a message from the in-world bookseller Falk Bergman (though he didn’t do the delivery, just facilitated the process). Anyway, I’m going to enjoy the book though. You can read the book online at Julian’s blog but I like reading real books.

Details about the virtual & real world purchase at New World Notes