July 2004

Mine Is Bigger + Blurier Than Yours

The Tate Gallery has sites in Britain, London, Liverpool and St Ives. So, when deciding the location for a new venue there was naturally only one place to go...Space. In order to fulfil their mission to extend access to British and International modern and contemporary art, the Tate Trustees have been considering for some time…

Just clink

On the subject of linking (see previous post) I've been reading an article, You've Got Hypertext by m.c. schraefel, et al. The authors cannily coin the term 'clinks' to merge the words 'clicks-on-links'. I rather like this because I'm sick of typing out 'I clicked on the link' for user testing reports.

Post Will Eat Itself

Had another look through the threads of my brother's forum and found a funny (not the only funny thing I must say) joke: How many forum members does it take to change a light bulb? The post is of course from somewhere else, and now I'm posting it in my blog, I've commented on it,…
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