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'Emerging Participatory Culture Practices:
Player-Created Tiers in Alternate Reality Games'
by Christy Dena

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Due to space constraints in the print essay, I didn't acknowledge the people I wanted to. I would firstly like to thank Henry Jenkins and Mark Deuze for initiating the issue and including my essay! Next I want to thank my reviewers: I implemented your recommendations and appreciated your kind words. A big thankyou to the members of the Georgetown Narrative listserv for your generous assistance in finding theories to capture dual address narratives. And lastly I want to thank ARG designers Evan Jones, Brooke Thompson, Jane McGonigal and 42 Entertainment. The publication of your ideas helped me confirm and develop the notion of player-created tiers and tiering in general.


Please note: this bibliography is for the websites and writing referenced in this online augmentation. Though there are some repeated references, this is not the bibliography from the essay in Convergence. And for those with a keen eye, you'll see I haven't finished putting ALL the websites I reference in this minisite yet. I'll get there.

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Last Updated: 26 Jan, 2008
Author: Christy Dena