Multi-Platform at the Whistler Film Festival 09

Whistler My next trip will be to the Whistler Film Festival, BC, Canada. Wohoo! I’ve been invited to participate in their Forum, which “is an industry conference organized to address issues of concern to the film, digital media and television production industry in Western Canada”. This year they “are embracing the changing landscape of content creation by exploring new technological developments, trends and opportunities”. There are lots of exciting guests, including Ivan Reitman (Ghostbusters etc), Neil Blomkamp, Hugo Weaving, Woody Harrelson, Julianne Moore, Colin Firth, Tom Ford, Atom Egoyen, Jason Reitman, and many others! Specifically, I’ll be participating in the Whistler Summit:

The Whistler Summit is a lively debate that brings together key international leaders and visionaries from various aspects of the entertainment industry to identify future trends and issues affecting the global entertainment industry. Delegates will have a chance to engage with Summit speakers in this session designed to probe, debunk and predict the state of the film, television and digital media industries.

Moderator: Valerie Creighton, President, Canadian Television Fund


Christy Dena, Director, Universe Creation 101 Ltd.
Dr. Greg Zeschuk, President & General Manager of BioWare & Vice President of Electronic Arts
Tony Safford, EVP Worldwide Acquistions, 20th Century Fox
Jonathan Simkin, Founder, Simkin Artist Management
Daniel Cross, President, Co-founder, Eye Steel Film

That is sure to be a great conversation! Can’t wait! Also, I’ll be a part of the Whistler Film Festival Pitch Fest West , which is “going multi-platform”:

Drawing on innovation in technology and the changing landscape for content creation, this year’s Pitch Fest West will showcase film, TV and digital media producers who are in search of the knowledge, relationships and financing strategies required to successfully develop and exhibit their content across several platforms

Lots of fun to be had in the snowfields, so if you’ll be there make sure you come and say hi at the Whistler Film Festival!


Videos and slides from Power to the Pixel, London Film Festival

POWERPIXEL logo As I outlined in a previous post, I was fortunate to be invited back to be a part of Power to the Pixel, London Film Festival 2009. The videos and slides are now online and so here is a selection of ones I’m sure you’ll enjoy/get something out of. 🙂



Take Back What Has Always Been Yours – Ted Hope, Producer & Co-Founder, This is that corporation


What did they do? Lessons Learned in Cross-Media – Christy Dena, Universe Creation 101


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I wanted to note too, that not all projects have to have a strong globally-targeted online component. Some can have an online component that is local. For instance, some projects are created so they can be sold in different territories, and some are designed to be local only once. But many projects are designed with little thought about the online, and global experience. It is important to consider the online and global strategy in the design on cross-media projects.

The Evolution of Storytelling – Lance Weiler, Filmmaker and Story Architect


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Extending the Experience: The New Storytellers – Martin Elricsson, The company P


Extending the Experience: The New Storytellers – Steve Peters, No Mimes Media


Extending the Experience: The New Storytellers – David Varela, nDreams


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Christy Dena, Martin Elricsson, Steve Peters, David Varela


How To Be “Better Than Free” – Brian Newman, Consultant


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More videos at Power to the Pixel! 🙂