Announcing the launch of The Writer’s Guide to Making a Digital Living


For a few years I’ve been working with the Australian Literature Board on their Story of the Future project. The project (a big hat tip to Josie Emery for creating the program) involved touring Australia running sessions on how digital technologies can be utilised for storytelling, for marketing your stories and running your writing business. The project has now ended, but the project manager, the always-a-delight Therese Fingleton, didn’t want it to end without sharing some of the things we’ve been doing. So, The Writer’s Guide to Making a Digital Living was born. Myself and the fantastic Jennifer Wilson were commissioned to co-write the guide, which has a lot of (hopefully) interesting stuff in there for writers. It is aimed at writers at various stages of their career, who work in a variety of artforms (screenwriting, game writing, poets, novelists, ewriters), and addresses writers worldwide, whilst also featuring some great Australian talent.

I wrote the sections on the craft of new writing forms, professional development, concept development, marketing and distribution. But on top of the Guide, which is available online and in PDF form, I’ve also created (with the wonderful design of the Lycette Bros.) a chart of the New Writing Universe to give a glimpse at the vast range of emerging writing forms out there (there is much more than writing a shooter game!). Enough of me, as a start, check out the very tongue-in-cheek promotional video we’ve created (mainly the work of the wonderful Lycette Bros. and Therese Fingleton):

Check it out at:

Enjoy! Let me know what you think!

Latest moments in the press


The London Film Festival conference I participated in, Power to the Pixel, (see my last post) is still cranking out material and attracting press. Recently, I was quoted in The Guardian and an interview with me has been published at the PttP site. Both of these are really cool, but there are a couple of little things I’d like to clear up…

The Guardian piece quotes me referring to a ‘Project Universe’. While I’d love to take credit for that, it is actually Lance Weiler who came up with that term. I really like it…not just because of the ‘universe‘ theme, but because it is mode-neutral. I don’t like using terms such as ‘storyworld’ or ‘gameworld’ because cross/trans-media projects involve both narrative AND game elements. ‘Project Universe’ is also practice/industry-neutral, in that it can refer to franchises OR small-scale independent projects. I’m a sucker for inclusive terminology.

The interview is posted on the Power to the Pixel site and is written by Nikki Nimme. Nikki did a great job mashing up my email and in-person interviews and main speech at the conference. There are some little things, though, which didn’t quite make it or got a mixed up: I’m currently doing doctoral research, not post doc research; I prefer working with clients at the concept stage rather than coming in later in the project; the changes to distribution I mention are only SOME, not all!; as technology improves, it is entertainment that utilises pervasive/networked/augmented technologies more that will come to the fore, as well as simultaneous media usage (prequels etc are already happening!).

Anyway, these links have been added to my press page. I hope you get something out of them. 🙂