ARG creator interview

If you haven’t already seen it, there is an interview with Elan Lee at Gamasutra. Bonnie Ruberg interviews Elan Lee, VP of 42 Entertainment. He talks about The Beast (ARG for the film A.I.),  I Love Bees (ARG for Halo 2), EDOC Laundry (ARG t-shirt) and Cathy’s Book (an ARG book…a book that I was so jealous of when I first found out about it a few months ago. I started writing a cross-media book in 2001 and that is when I decided to research it further. I’ve written a short cross-media story, but have another big one bubbling away in my noggin. Cross-media books are, basically, my passion. So, it is very encouraging to see them emerging more and more). But over to Elan and the interesting article.

Check it out at:

Soft Message by Blast Theory

I really like this recent creative work by Blast Theory: Soft Message. They put a request out (which I published here too), on BBC Radio 3, for people to register their interest in being called by them. They called them over a week period and then broadcast them in a 30min show on December 7th. Blast Theory put some detail about the calls in their newsletter:

The calls catch people drunk at parties, in art galleries and out on the street. We hear them arguing, shouting at their cats or as their friends grab the handset. They open their lives to the listener, they reveal secrets and declarations of love. From the first call to a Mancunian goth pretending to be Romanian we follow these four people through a week in their lives.

The conversations use the intermittent, slow motion nature of the interview to explore the things that are rarely said, rarely heard.

And, most importantly, we hear the voices of people alone, confessing, contemplating, opening up.

The programme explores the ways in which radio and telephones lend themselves to a certain kind of intimacy.

The programme asks how is the rise of the mobile phone affecting how we talk to one another and what does it mean to talk to strangers?

I wish I heard it.