URL being held ransom

I have had the unluckiest thing happen. My www.crossmediastorytelling.com domain expired without me being notified. It was subsequently taken by a company who now want at least $200USD for it. I cannot believe this has happened, especially with Max’s book just out and my domain name for CMS all through it! I only just changed to cross-mediaentertainment a month or so ago and just redirected all the CMS traffic to here. Not everyone knows, yet, that I’ve changed domain names, and some people won’t until they enter CMS. I had always intended to keep both running anyway (two points-of-entry). And now they never will know. I am furious and frustrated. The company who manages my domain name, registerfly, hasn’t got back to me (I received email notifications everyone of my domain name except this time). I will always autorenew now.

I feel so sad. I’ve lost a digital child. 🙁

All is good! They’ve given my URL back! Yay! 🙂

CFP: Fibreculture

The Australian academic journal fibreculture has announced a CFP (call for papers) for their general issue next year. Tom and I were too late in getting a paper together for the New Media and New Pedagogy issue, and for some reason I never heard back from fibreculture regarding my submission for the upcoming Distributed Aesthetics issue. It should be an interesting one though, since I think Jill Walker will be in it.

Papers are other relevant works are invited for a General Issue of the Fibreculture Journal, to be published in the second half of 2006. Proposed contributions should fall within the ambit of the Fibreculture JournalÂ’s interests, as below.

The deadline for submissions is April 30, 2006.

The Fibreculture Journal encourages critical and speculative interventions in the debate and discussions concerning information and communication technologies and their policy frameworks, network cultures and their informational logic, new media forms and their
deployment, and the possibilities of socio-technical invention and sustainability. Other broad topics of interest include the cultural contexts, philosophy and politics of:

:: information and creative industries
:: national strategies for innovation, research and development
:: education
:: media and culture, and
:: new media arts

The Fibreculture Journal encourages submissions that extend research into critical and investigative networked theories, knowledges and practices.

Take a Peek at Blue Tights

I believe that one of the characteristics of contemporary entertainment is the blurring of the productions stages, in particular, how production blurs into publication/broadcast. I have previously called this the ‘caught-with-hair-in-the-curlers-aesthetic’ regarding the Girl Friday blog and even mentioned recently at LAMP the impact of the Blair Witch website on the reception of the film (which was online over a year before the film was released), but now here is another form of production publication to prepare audiences for the actual publication/broadcast/distribution and of course gather fans: podcasts by the director of Superman Returns. Subscribe to the following URL in iTunes, or download from the Blue Tights blog: http://movabletype.warnerbros.com/supermanreturns/bryansjournals.xml