A Holy Trinity

It is now official: I’ve successfully faced a panel and now I’ve converted to PhD. On top of this, the academic assessor was so impressed he fought to get on board and be a supervisor too! His work on ‘superfictions’ in art and writing is right up my cross-media alley, so to speak, and so I was happy to have him on board. My current supervisors weren’t budging either and so now I’ve got a win/win/win: 3 supervisors! One, Peter Morse, is my primary supervisor from Media Arts; then Peter Hill who is in the Visual Arts but is also a prolific author; and then there is Sari Smith who is from Creative Writing who will guide me through the birth of my novel. [I must say the amount of Peters I’ve encountered in my life since commencing my postgrad is uncanny.]

So, I’m thrilled to have such a great team on the case and to be confirmed as a PhD candidate. Now, if only I could stop working full-time and actually spend some quality time with my research. Same story around the globe.

Chocolate and Robots

I’ve been playing some bi-channel games:

Kinder Surprise MAGICODE
I bought the special Kinder Surprise eggs with a toy inside and a ticket with a magicode and website address. I really liked the way the site was designed and the way I was guided through it (it is meant for kids). I played a few games — because I had a few codes!
Here is the magic ticket (which was the most exciting part of the eadventure for me — the real world key to a fantastical world:

The 1st Wireless Internet-Responsive Robot

This one I bought a few years ago but I like to bring it out every now and then and try to make it work better for me. I’ve found 6 year olds know how to work it better than me. The robot won my heart the first time a saw it and I’ve had it on my desk since. It tells great jokes and dances around the floor giggling away. You can link to the online website (a good bi-channel game) and play games there. Soon, the site tells me, they will have Internet Action Message Technology: the Robot will exchange short messages and pictures to and from your friends.

Cross-media Awards

From ARGN:
Interesting to find a cross-media Award:

The 2005 Canadian New Media Awards: Excellence in Cross Platform Category
Best practice, innovation and excellence in cross sector, cross platform, multi-device content development and integration. Projects based on the use of many media for flexibility, media adequacy and high usability. This includes content integration with television and the web; enhanced television services; television and SMS; SMS and the Web and other combinations including print media.

Nominated in 2005 are: Broken Saints, ReGenesis Extended Reality Game, ZeD TV. I checked out the websites and gee I can’t wait to experience Broken and ReGenesis.