Chatroom Conferences

On the subject of installation in the new media ecology (see Tate Gallery post) I found the FurtherField studio interesting. The FurtherField studio website describes itself as:

…an exploratory, year long project, set up to create online, real-time, net art residencies with three UK-based artists. Each residency lasts for 3 months, during which time the artists need not leave their studio or home environments, as the FurtherStudio web facility offers a public window on the artist’s PC desktop as they work.

What they also do is have ‘conferences’ online where panel discussions with the artists are held in a chatroom that visitors can watch/read and then they all move to another chatroom where all can participate. But as Charlotte Frost, a panel interviewer lamented over at

Ever Heard French Rooster…or Truck?

FL@33 have a site work called Bzzzpeek, which has sound bites of animals and automobiles in over 17 languages.

This project focuses on the pronunciation and comparison of these sounds by presenting them side by side as each language expresses them differently.

Robots Of Old

Tales of the Future Past is a website, created by David Szondy, of magazine covers from mainly the 1970s detailing sci-fi visions of the future. A new section,
Future Robots, shows some great pics of dorky robots. So, whatever we come up with now will look just a ridiculous in the future. If not already.

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