Ep 3: Dark-Side Attacker Tactics

I quickly recorded this to ensure I created this video on the 1st of November (in Australia). I did this to start the VloMo rule: one vlog every day in November. In this video I chat about a tactic that under-handed people use. I think I give the impression that these people are a bit…

Ep 2: Community of Spirit

Vlog number 2! And I'm already a day late! *sigh*. Anyway. Today I have a quick chat about what sort of creative projects appeal to me now and how that relates to where I'm at artistically... Community of Spirit from christydena on Vimeo.

Ep 1: Hello World!

Here is my first personal vlog. I wasn't going to post this one as I am soooo slow in it. It is the day after I had flown back from London, after a trip to Seattle via Australia! But, I thought I better have an explanatory video. I didn't say it in the video, but…
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