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Wish I Had a Dream Researcher Budget

A half-day executive workshop has my researcher and practitioner mouth dribbling. In Dallas, Texas on March 22 is Media Opportunities and Strategies for the Multiple Media Enterprise:The event, sponsored by the American Press Institute, focuses on how to create and sell innovative content and information services for connected, multiple-media audiences. Among the topics are 'state-of-the-art…

The Caught-with-the-Hair-in-Curlers Aesthetic

Kylie Robertson, the creator behind Jupiter Green, an "interactive drama" that I have posted and written about (refereed paper coming out soon) is in pre-production on a "mobile interactive drama series":Glued to your mobile phone? SMS crazy? Got no time for TV but love a good drama? Girl Friday (GF) is here and it's sure…

Poetic Popups

Saw this Error Message Generator on Drew's blog and couldn't help but create some popups that a user/interactor/operator/reader/vuser/viuser/wreader/player etc may come across:Let me know if you come up with any too!
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