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IST paper here

Here is a pdf of the paper I've contributed to Monique de Haas' Cross Media Networking Session at IST titled: 'Current State of Cross Media Storytelling: Preliminary observations for future design' and the powerpoint is now online too.

What is it about Bees?

A colleague and friend, Russell Fewster, forwarded an article that he thought I may find interesting: Mahonen, S. (2004) 'Should "Bee" a Winner', Stonnington Leader, Melbourne,13. And I did find it interesting...depressing...and encouraging...A MALVERN author is at the forefront of a new style of writing for young adults.Sarah Boland's new novel To love Veronica Bee…

The Beast and Bees are 42

The Cloudmakers have been anticipating a Beast-like advertising campaign as the Halo 2 launch drew closer. A post to their email list has confirmed that a site: I Love Bees has the same Beast crew and researcher Jane McGonigal on board. There has been plenty of bee activity it seems on sites like unfiction; an…
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