Participatory Design is in the Content

Just scanning over audio interviews over at IT Conversations and I came across an audio recording of a chapter from Lawrence Lessig's (Professor of Law at Stanford Law School) book titled Free Culture: How Big Media Uses Technology and the Law to Lock Down Culture and Control Creativity. The ideas discussed in it and the…

Cross Media Terms + Works

I've added another page that provides quotes of terms that I feel are relevant to the study of cross media storytelling, and a page on cross media works. I'll be adding to both of them (the works is very incomplete) and hope that others suggest terms and works as well.

Multi-channel Poetics paper

To help give an overview of the presentations at Critical Animals check out the conference report, Critical Animals Don't Chew the Fat, I wrote which is published at ANU's blog: underthesun.In the comments section of this post I've put the paper I delivered at the program. I put my ideas-in-formation into an XYZ coordiante to…
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