IE in Australia!

I'm excited! The Second Australasian Conference on Interactive Entertainment is calling for papers at the mo and will be held November this year, in Sydney. The themes they posit that are relevant to me are:Advanced/Innovative Interaction DesignArt, Design and MediaCulturaland Media Studies on Computer GamesInteraction designInteractiveDigital StorytellingMedia TheoryMobile EntertainmentNetworking (technical and social)New Genres, New Standards…

Lemke on Board with ‘inter-media world franchises’

I've just discovered that Jay Lemke, a semiotician, has cast his eye on transmedia. Very cool. He terms this area 'inter-media world franchises' and looks to the usual suspects: Harry Potter, The Matrix, Lord of the Rings, America's Army, Disney, Manga, Star Trek and so on.My aim here is first to identify the phenomenon of…
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