April 2010

Cartoons on the Bay, Eurovision TV Summit and TEDxTransmedia

I'm flying to Portofino, Italy to participate in Cartoons on the Bay: the International Television and Cross-Media Animation Festival. I'm on the Scientific Committee judging the Pucinella Awards with an amazing panel. The nominations for the awards have been released in the press here and here. I'll also be doing a Masterclass on Friday 16th,…

Video interview on Adapt Weekly

Greg Martin, of Adapt Weekly and lots of other exciting projects (more coming!), interviewed me about...my background and my thoughts on some of the movements happening in the transmedia area. Here it is! And check out his other interviews with great people like Elan Lee, Jeff Gomez, J.C. Hutchins, Mike Monello, Brent Friedman and more!

PGA’s Transmedia Producer!

Nikki Finke has broken the news that the Producers Guild of America has ratified the 'Transmedia Producer' credit. This is largely due to (among others) the efforts of Jeff Gomez. Go Jeff! Nikki describes the thinking behind the role: This Guild-wide adoption is unprecedented as it will allow executives who expand storylines of franchises onto…