Hello Transmodiologists!

Yes, hello! You probably don’t like being called something you have no idea what it means, but I assure you I consider it a compliment. I came up with the term ‘transmodiologist’ (with the help of my half-brother who is a  whiz at Latin) to differentiate myself and my research method from ‘narratologists’ and ‘ludologists’. The former describes researchers who interrogate the nature of narrative and the latter the nature of ludic, ludus or games. I too interrogate the narrative and ludic elements in multi-media platform works, but I look at both the narrative and ludic elements…not one or the other. And, I question whether what has been subsumed under either is valid, as well as develop an ontology that is narrative- and ludic-agnostic. That is the quick explanation. Feel free to question me at any time!

More on what this research area is…shortly…. But for now, welcome. 🙂