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Emma, a television series broadcast on Belgium Public Television (VRT), has announced that they have created an ‘alternate reality game’ extension to the TV series; like Xenophile Media’s Extended Reality Game for the TV series ReGenesis in Canada; Hoodlum Entertainment’s online murder mystery extension to Emmerdale in the UK; Hoodlum Entertainment’s online extension to Fat Cow Motel in Australia; and numerous extensions in the US, including the recent Heroes 360 Experience and The Lost Experience. This is the first multi-website extension with an ‘alternate reality’ aesthetic that I’m aware of in Belgium. Indeed, I’m craving information about non-US projects! So please email me or comment if you know of any projects both past and present.

But back to Belgium. VRT sent out an invite to bloggers to attend the press conference. I am so pleased to see they did that. I’ve been recommending launches to have both traditional journalists invited to launches as well as bloggers and podcasters. Although, they sent out the requirement to register your interest and blog details before you attended, which upset some bloggers. The video of the launch is online and from what I can tell from the images (I only understand English), there are many sites using Google Pages, MySpace, fictional company sites, puzzles and so on. Looks like they’ve put alot of time and effort into this.

Main Emma site:

Some ingame sites are listed here:

More ingame sites listed here:

Video of launch:

I’d love a translation of the video or any info about the game as it is described on the site. So, if you’re able to, let me know!