Women Business Blogging

One of the events i’ll miss while I’m away is this great one. If you can’t make it, the website is full of los of juicy links too.

Find out how blogging by women and for women builds networks, improves customer reach, monetizes creativity and infuses your business with Web 2.0 goodness!

This event is for small businesses, individuals, researchers, nonprofits, artistic and educational organisations interested in:

– blogging as a business opportunity
– women bloggers
– women in business
– women customers
– social media and networking
– creative communications
– innovation and cooperation
– customer relationships
– opportunities of Web 2.0 and the Long Tail
– usability

And, just to be clear, men are definitely invited. All the speakers are women, and we’ll be talking about women users, readers and bloggers. But everyone is welcome to attend the conference and participate in the sessions.

Check out: http://www.hum.dmu.ac.uk/blogs/nlabwomen/