Mobiles interacting with (previously) non-networked media

How do you get information from a poster, a billboard, a product on a shelf or a tree to your mobile phone? Well, here are some ways:

  • Bluecasting: Viacom Outdoors launched a bluecasting campaign for Channel 4’s Four Docs program (I’ve spoken about this before). There is also a company called Hypertag offering the same service.
  • Software to read QR codes have been used in Japan and help people access URLs for products; like Semacode. Both of these have generators and decoders on the web as well.
  • Using existing technologies: SMS and email is PayPal Mobile and mcode (that I’ve spoken about before).
  • And then there is RFID. Though I cannot recall how the information gets to a phone…
  • And then there is also GPS devices, or ones that track what mobile tower you’re using, that trigger an SMS when you’re in an area.
  • Taking a picture of a barcode and having a barcode on your phone that can be scanned.

I haven’t bothered to go through the tons of locative arts projects I’ve got catalogued but is that all? I’m interested in which are the most effective commercially, than for a one-off art project.