Marketing Entertainment: Integrate ’06

iMedia Connection & Variety’s Integrate ’06 was held on April 12 and now there are some articles and ppts from the talks online at iMediaConnection.

Integrate ’06 is the second annual summit that brings together top marketing executives from major entertainment companies to explore the challenges and opportunities in creating integrated marketing programs to reach todayÂ’s entertainment consumer. 

Jodi Harris gives a round-up in her article. Brad Berens wrote an article, outlining Five Reasons to Market Your Movie Online:

  1. Online Movie Ads Work
  2. It’s Where Consumers Are
  3. It’s Where They Look
  4. TV is Losing It’s Effectiveness
  5. Consumers Want Integration

The ppt of his talk is available online. It has tons of stats on marketing & US film & TV viewing figures compared with DVD buying etc.

Vince Broady looked at How to Leverage CGC in his ppt. The presentation covers the findings of  the GameSpot/Starcom MediaVest Group Youth Study, and has some excellent stats on The Office campaign that I cannot duplicate here until I have permission.

Heidi Dickert and Warner Bros.’ Abe Recio discusses their research on film-goers using mobiles, Mobile as a Marketing Research Tool, in their ppt.

There is also a ppt online of Susan Fogelson’s talk, Creative Showcase: Integrated Marketing.