World First: Academic Citation Generator for Blogs

It is with great pleasure that I announce a wonderful new plugin for blogs: Academic Citations.

The plugin automatically generates citations at the foot of every blog post in five common formats: AMA, APA, Chicago, Harvard, and MLA. It is well documented and installation is simple: upload and activate the plugin, insert a line into your template, and add optional CSS to your stylesheet.

What this means is that every post on a blog can be easily cited with all the correct details needed, something that not all blogs supply. Besides encouraging citing of your hard earned posts, it also champions blogs as valid sources. The plugin was created by the spectaculous Julie Meloni and fantabulous fellow WRT blogger Jeremy Douglass (who announced its release here). I assisted with the project enough to earn bragging rights! 🙂 Julie is working on making the plugin work for Moveable Type and Blogger, so don’t feel left out. Try it now, click on ‘view academic citations’ at the footer of this post. Enjoy!

Update on my CME talks in industry & academia

I just thought I’d give an update on talks I’ve given , will be giving, this year on cross-media entertainment and polymorphic narrative (other than my usual teaching). This year so far I’ve delivered seminars in my capacity as a mentor with LAMP for Bush TV and just yesterday for the Australia Council for the Arts: Literature Board. They’ll be more talks in Perth, and other states I cannot talk about yet!  I’ve got the following comfirmed talks coming up:

  • April 11: ‘Findability’, Digital Distribution Seminar, AFTRS, Victoria.
  • April 12: ‘Cross-Media Entertainment? lecture for ‘Advanced Multimedia Theory and Production‘, 3nd year students, Media Department, Division of Society, Culture, Media & Philosophy, Macquarie University, NSW.
  • May 16: ‘Cross-Media Entertainment: how games can be designed to take over the universeÂ’, DAG (Digital Art and Games) Seminar series, RMIT Creative Media, Games programs, Vic.
  • August: ‘Polymorphic Narrative: there is a new artform’ Deakin University, Vic.

The May 16 talk at RMIT is open to the public so feel free to come along and say hi if you’re in the locale.

CME = 360 Content = Entertainment Everywhere!

Thanks to the heads-up from Gary, an interesting new* term and industry approach to cross-media entertainment/cross-platform content/blah/blah/blah is happening at the MipTV/Milia event: 360 Content. The conference thread is a largely BBC affair on multi-platform content: a Content 360 Digital Pitching Competition. In conjunction with sessions of what the BBC is interested in hearing pitched, they’ll be offering sessions explaining best-practices in 360 creation. It seems they’re focusing on digital platforms, rather than all platforms (that is “old” media), but a description of some of the sessions indicates some good ideas will be talked about. For instance, they mention cross-content beyond repurposing (about time) and new ideas for content navigation (an area I’m fascinated in and eager to discuss with anyone!). David Gurney, a LAMP mentor will be presenting. Mark Burnett will also be giving a talk about “entertainment everywhere!” and reality TV, projects he is working on that I’ve posted about before. There are alot of other sessions that are interesting, Gary provides a good summary at his blog. Incidently, if you are in France for the event you might want to keep an eye out for Gary Hayes, the LAMP director. He’s over there for the first International Interactive Emmy Awards, that he was a judge for. Say hi to him and ask him about LAMP. 😉


* Whoops, Gary just informed me that the BBC have been using “360 content” since 1996! It is the first time I’ve heard it though and think it a nice way to describe the cross-media experience: it is 360 degrees.