Rite of Fire

Well, I ‘ve just experienced a rite of passage that every researcher goes through at some time: a loss of alot of data. Since I’ve moved interstate I’ve been trying to get my data off an old Linux server. Finally, last night, the system had enough and for some uncanny reason purged the one database I needed. It is gone. It is not all my thesis research, just a part of it. I created a cross-media wiki last year and had been pouring references, stats and ideas into it for months. I used it as a quick way to pop in info as I found them and then intended to transfer it to a bibliography program and my main thesis. Well, it is all gone now. 🙁

At least it wasn’t all of my thesis and I’ve learnt my lesson now. I’m backing up everyday. 🙂

Update: 2nd March: Some of my data has been retrieved!! Very happy indeed. Thanks Gary. 🙂 🙂