Spreading The Secret

The Secret logoI am very much behind the times, because I was unaware of a viral campaign that has been out for a few months. I do recall a “secret” but who knows what teaser or ARG I could be thinking of?? This viral campaign is designed to gather interest in two things: The upcoming worldwide broadcast of a movie called “The Secret” and what “the secret” is. There is a main website, www.whatisthesecret.tv and a blog. There are two short films, which each provide more information: clue 1 and clue 2.

In its launch week, (the third week of October) the website was ranked 12,627 of all sites on the web by Alexa [source: blog]. They have worked to facilitate its viral status by :

It is basically, a dummies guide to using the Net. You can also receive email updates and for those with bad internet connections, you can watch a slideshow version. There are people who claim to know what the secret is, and the weirdest thing is they’ve left what appears to be the solution in the comments on the blog. I’ll let you search that, if you want to. There is also a blog post by one of the people who are in the movie. There is also a forum that discusses the project, along with stats supplied by those involved. I’ll let you find that too. But what is weirder, for me, is that the production company, Prime Time Productions, is actually in Australia, in Melbourne.

The movie is to be aired on Feb 15th then a Tv series meant to be following, along with a DVD. It is apparently in the ilk of What the Bleep, but more accessible. You can see, here, how subscribers to site has grown.