URL being held ransom

I have had the unluckiest thing happen. My www.crossmediastorytelling.com domain expired without me being notified. It was subsequently taken by a company who now want at least $200USD for it. I cannot believe this has happened, especially with Max’s book just out and my domain name for CMS all through it! I only just changed to cross-mediaentertainment a month or so ago and just redirected all the CMS traffic to here. Not everyone knows, yet, that I’ve changed domain names, and some people won’t until they enter CMS. I had always intended to keep both running anyway (two points-of-entry). And now they never will know. I am furious and frustrated. The company who manages my domain name, registerfly, hasn’t got back to me (I received email notifications everyone of my domain name except this time). I will always autorenew now.

I feel so sad. I’ve lost a digital child. 🙁

All is good! They’ve given my URL back! Yay! 🙂