Top Ten Mobisodes

** This page obsolete: now see my Mobile Drama Round Up **

Okay, I’m putting together a list of the Top Ten Mobisodes; only problem is, there isn’t that many, so it isn’t really a top ten, but a list of ten mobisodes that have been made. The following are not necessarily mobisodes that are ONLY delivered via mobile, and not necessarily original content (they’re repurposed or part of a franchise). They are not in order of revenue, as I don’t have that data. Because there are not that many I’ve included ones that are about to come out too. I also haven’t included location-based games or mobile gaming. If you know of any I left out and where I can get some more data:

  • 24: Conspiracy, Fox Entertainment Group, 2005 (worldwide)
  • Random Place, iconmobile, 2005 (Aus)
  • Jong Zoid, Media Republic, 2004 (Netherlands)
  • FanTESStic, Endemol, not out yet (worldwide) [press release]
  • TXT MS C, Switchfire Ltd , 2004 (UK)
  • V-girl, Artificial Life, 2004 (USA) [not sure about this one, I think it qualifies as a mobile game more than a mobisode]
  • The Simple Life: Interns, Fox, 2005
  • Forget the Rules, Jim Shomos and Paul Baiguerra , 2005 (Aus)
  • Girl Friday, Kylie Robertson, not out yet (Aus)
  • Love and Hate, Twentieth Television, not out yet (USA) [article]
  • The Sunset Hotel, Twentieth Television, not out yet (USA) [article]
  • PS I Luv U, [Singapore Television station], not out yet (Asia) [article]
  • Flatland (Timothy Shey, Ruddy Morgan Organization production, 2005/…) [added 12 March 06]

These are TV shows that have been delivered on the mobile phone (separated into bits, mini eps):