January 2005

Poetic Popups

Saw this Error Message Generator on Drew's blog and couldn't help but create some popups that a user/interactor/operator/reader/vuser/viuser/wreader/player etc may come across:Let me know if you come up with any too!

Perspectives Abound: from ‘distributed narrative’ to ‘transmedial worlds’

Lisbeth Klastrup completed her PhD in 2003 but has put it online for 1 month. 'Towards a Poetics of Virtual Worlds: Multi-User Textuality and the Emergence of Story' was completed at the Department for Digital Aesthetics and Communication (DIAC), IT University of Copenhagen. Klastrup began looking at, playing, immersing herself in 'interactive narratives' in 1996…

Crossmedia and Games researcher 2

Following the previous post on Tom Apperley is the inclusion of another cross-media researcher, focusing on games: Drew Davidson. Drew contacted myself, and Monique, excited about finding other researchers in this area. Whereas Monique and myself were beginning our research at the beginning of the millenium, Davidson had just completed a dissertation.Davidson completed his PhD…
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